Cappadocia - Konya Whirling Dervishes Ceremony
İlan Tarihi : 12 Ekim 2015

Tur Açıklama

Spend your Saturday in the city of Konya, tasting popular Turkish cuisine and learning about one of the most famous religious ceremonies in Turkey!

The whirling dervishes ceremony, or Sema, is an ancient Sufi ritual dating back to the 13th century. It started with Mevlana Rumi, a religious leader, poet and philosopher who used controlled spinning as a form of spiritual attainment. After his death, Rumi’s son founded the Mevlevi Order, a group of Rumi followers who have passed down the Sema dance, along with its accompanying music and poetry for over 700 years. The Sema is open for the public to watch on Saturdays at the Konya Cultural Center free of charge.

Prior to the evening ceremony, travelers will be treated to a delicious lunch at a restaurant that serves classic Turkish dishes, all guaranteed to satisfy the palate. Next, guests will be taken to the Mevlana Museum, a Sufi lodge complex where visitors may learn more about the history and practices of the Sufi followers. The museum’s Mausoleum houses the tomb of Rumi himself, along with some of his family members. Visitors must cover their feet with plastic shoe covers before entering, and women must cover their hair with a scarf provided. The museum will provide visitors an increased appreciation for the Sema they will see later that evening.

Dinner will be provided at another popular Konyan restaurant, and then visitors will head over to the Konya Cultural Center for the entrancing show. The show begins with improvised singing by a dervish in the orchestral section, and slowly more instruments join in to form synchronized Sufi music. Dancers dressed in black enter the floor slowly, performing standing and kneeling rituals. A master Dervish dressed in black stands away from the twenty other dancers, moderating the ceremony. One by one Dervishes stand, remove their cloaks to reveal white clothing, bow to the master and begin to spin. Eventually all members are on the floor spinning in time to the orchestra. Besides the master, one other Dervish keeps his cloak on and walks around the dancers as they whirl. The practice is repeated until the Dervishes have whirled for a quarter of an hour. The complete ceremony lasts about one hour. Flash photography is discouraged during the performance, as is talking or standing, out of respect for the Dervishes.

The Whirling Dervishes Ceremony tour is a fantastic trip, an excellent value, and a sight visitors will not soon forget!


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Saturday's from 10:00 to 24:00. Pick up and drop off by tour bus at Cappadocia hotels.