Hot air Balloon Rides

Fabulous Cappadocia is counted as one of the best places to do hot air ballooning. The unique landscape with it’s magnificent valleys, volcanic rock formations, spectacular pigeoun houses, breath taking views and with excellent weather conditions, Cappadocia allows the balloons gently drift over throught the..

valleys like a ship on the river. 
Get ready to have your a life times experience. 
In the end it won’t matter how many breaths you took but how many moments took your breath away.  There are two diffirent types of balloon flights offered in Cappadocia, according to flight duration and service.

Standart Balloon Flights ( 1 hour )

The standart balloon flights offer a minimum one hour flight time in the air. You will be picked up from our hotel early in the morning, most generally before sunrise and transported to the take off area. Light breakfast will be serviced such as; teas, coffees and cookies while you watch the balloons get ready. Mean while, your balloon pilot will give you brief information about the safety measures and basic rules. Once everything is ready, then it is the time to pop in the basket and let the hightlight of your Turkey trip begin!
The take off will be gently and soon you will have taken so many pictures already over the beautiful views Cappadocia show you.

After the safe landing, generally on the trailor, you will be taken our of the basket one by one and will meet with celebration dest which is already made ready for you by the balloon crew. The beautiful flight is celebrated with champagne (which is a tradition for ballooners) and you will be hanged out your flight certificates. Once all is done, you will be driven back to the hotel, generally before 8 o’clock for another breakfast at the hotel and get ready for your tours starting at 9:30 if you have any or for a nap.

The Standart Balloon Flight prices vary from 120 Euro to 165 Euro per personaccording to the company you choose including transfers from/to your hotel, light breakfast, insurence, flight celebration and certificates. 

There will be maximum of 20 people in the basket allowing enough space for everybody to look around, move and make good shots through the camera eyes.

Deluxe Balloon Flights ( 1,5 hours )

Deluxe Balloon Flight programe starts at the same time with the Standart balloon flights and almost follows the same thing. Yet, the flight duration in the air is 1 and half hours and organised in smaller baskets from 8 to 12 people max. 
This flight is a good option for those who like to spend more time in the air, people that are interested in ceography, photography, aviation, etc..
The Deluxe Balloon Flight is 250 Euro per person including transfers from/to your hotel, light breakfast, insurence, flight celebration and certificates.